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Applying for the Country Roads Program is easy. Review the criteria below and submit your application as soon as possible (no later than April 1st). Applications will be reviewed and accepted until the cohort is full. To allow students to have the best opportunities for success, we are only enrolling eight students each academic year. A small cohort will allow students to build a strong sense of community, encourage active participation and allow more individualized attention.

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Admission Criteria


  1. Documentation of an intellectual disability, with significant limitations in intellectual functioning and in adaptive behavior (AAIDD definition) and/or a developmental disability (CDC definition)
  2. Completed 4 years of high school with a diploma, modified diploma, or GED
  3. Age 18 – 26 years old by August 31, 2021
  4. IQ < 75 and/or developmental disability
  5. Adult rights as a US citizen

Priority will be given to those students who:

  • Were eligible for IDEA services while in school.
  • Had an IEP while in school.
  • Independently administers and manages medication and medical needs.
  • Have a reading ability and comprehension is at least at the third-grade level.
  • Utilizes basic functions of technology, such as calculator, cellphone, and computer.
  • Are able to function independently for a sustained period.
  • Are sociable with groups of new people.
  • Are able to handle changes in routine.
  • Can take direction to complete assignments.
  • Has the desire and motivation to participate in the college experience.

Students who do not meet this eligibility or believe that the Country Roads program may not be the right fit for them are encouraged to explore other higher education offerings in West Virginia for students with disabilities.

West Virginia University’s Office of Accessibility Services provides academic accommodations that can include note-taking assistance, interpreters, transcription, housing and transportation accommodations. Learn more at

West Virginia University’s First-Year Pathway is an academic support program designed for conditionally admitted students. Conditionally admitted students are those who have not met one of the minimum admission criteria, either high school GPA or standardized test scores (ACT or SAT). Learn more at

Marshall University’s College Program for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder provides individualized skill building and therapeutic supports to degree-seeking students with ASD though a mentored environment as they navigate college experience at Marshall University. Learn more at

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