Student Life

Students live in Lincoln Hall the first year of the program with an encouraged opportunity of living off campus for their second year. Doing so allows them to build skills within the first year of Country Roads and have the chance to practice them while in an apartment or other housing options prior to graduating. This also ensures that they have Country Roads staff to help them as they navigate living off campus for the first time.

Students do NOT have someone with them 24/7 as this is not the purpose of the program. However, they have many individuals to help them navigate from their first day on campus. All students will have teachers/staff available to them from 9am-4pm Monday-Friday while going to classes. Each student also has program specific peer mentors to help introduce them to various campus organizations, activities, and student activities after 4pm and on weekends. The program also provides a 24/7 Teacher-On-Call number for the students in which they can call at any time of day to gain input or get help with anything they may need.

Opportunities Offered

All Country Roads students have the same services and opportunities provided to them that any other non-degree seeking student on campus. Our students also have program specific opportunities provided to them as well to increase their independence and employability. Some of these opportunities would include:

  • Student centered planning experience
  • Supervised work experiences
  • P-168 participation
  • Volunteer experiences
  • Student organization memberships
  • First-Year Leadership Academy involvement
  • New student orientation
  • Student advisor progress monitoring
  • Student led events/activities
  • Transportation access (Mountain Line & PRT)
  • Access to university dining services
  • Access to safe student housing
  • Various guest speakers and worksite tours
  • Access to career services
  • Mentor/Tutoring guidance
  • Class auditing abilities
  • Access to campus buildings (Rec Center, Libraries, etc)